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Anemon Sofa 3-Seater
This sofa is an excellent choice for apartments with modern interior. Sleek lines and compact design fit perfectly to the laconic contemporary style and update the look of your living space. Also, the comfortable shape of this sofa and the softness of its gray tufted upholstery are incredibly alluring. It is the perfect spot for stretching your legs out after a hard day at work or lounging with your friends for a TV marathon.The Anemon sofa can easily become a centerpiece of your living room and basis for several unusual and aesthetic design solutions. Combine it with décor elements of various colors, use items made of glass and wood – it will look spectacular, accentuating your choice and bringing a modern, artistic vibe to your house.
3 504 AED
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Bronx Sofa
This sofa is a great example of extravagance meeting elegance. Its sleek design and vibrant purple color turn the Bronx sofa into a stunner for your guests. With large cushions serving as a back rest and the pleasant texture of the upholstery, the sofa is as comfortable as it is stylish. You can enjoy your rest on the Bronx sofa and make it look like a glamorous event. In no time the Bronx sofa will become a favorite spot of your guests during the home parties, because it is impossible to resist its style, charm and brightness. Its look is so impressive, it can easily transform your entire living room, making in more contemporary and stylish. The compact size of the Bronx sofa also proves, that it doesn’t take much to upgrade an interior.
2 981 AED
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Truva Creme Sofa
The chesterfield-style Truva sofa is the embodiment of comfort and coziness. The soft cream color make it look delicate and pastel, perfect for a small living room. The delicate natural fabric and soft foam feeling together with solid wooden frame assure the top quality and durability of this amazing sofa manufactured in Turkey. Nothing says "Home sweet home" like the Truva Creme sofa!
1 463 AED
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Alize Sofa 3-Seater
The luxury of Turkish style is presented in this amazing couch. This model combines the air of historic tradition and modern functionality. If you appreciate elegant details, carving and deluxe elements, then you will be charmed by Alize Sofa.Royal white color, intricate carving on the back rest, curved sturdy legs make this piece of furniture look like it was taken right out of the sultan's palace! Comfortable and roomy, it is made of high-quality materials and has solid, durable frame. Alize Sofa is a real head-turner for your living space!
2 661 AED
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Havra Sofa 3-Seater
This model is a well-known eye-catcher in our broad assortment. It is impossible not to pay attention to the luxurious Victorian-style design, its benevolent golden brown shade, its curved lines, the posh ornamental details and overall royal feel the sofa brings to the room! Soft creme colored cushions with ornament work as finishing touches to the royal look of this exquisite piece of furniture. With the roomy Havra sofa, you will be able to give your room a deluxe vibe!
2 351 AED
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Roche Sofa 3-Seater
This bridgewater style sofa is charming you with its simplicity and elegeance. Soft and yet resilient, it has a soft, bright air about it and offers you plenty of interior planning opportunities. The curved sturdy wooden legs that support the couch are covered with intricate ornamental carving. The same carving descorates the wooden frame that adorns the backrest, adding a touch or royal style to the serene feeling of this amazing Roche sofa.
3 290 AED
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Madrid Sofa Bed
This 3-seater sofa bed of neutral grey color has very welcoming and attractive design. Simple, yet pleasantly familiar, it brings the nostalgic feeling of home. So, if you wish to make your studio apartment look cozy without sacrificing space, Madrid Sofa Bed may be your best option!
1 318 AED
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The EKENÄS footstool brings elegant style and chenille comfort to any small space living. This subtle piece of furniture perfectly fits for condos, apartments, and offices. Due to its well-knit structure and exclusive, tool-free design, you can easily transport it and set up wherever you want to feel comfortable while sitting. Whether hosting a party or relaxing with your favourite book or beverage, the solid pine legs and a soft-touch seat deliver supportive, relaxed feeling that won’t disappoint. High-quality and long-lasted materials provide you with timeless durability at the most affordable price. Square legs combine with hardwearing cover and a light brown finish for a clean, stylish look that will complement any décor in your bedroom, living room, or master suite. The EKENÄS footstool has a fixed cover that can’t be washed or dry cleaned. This furniture piece requires assembly. Light in weight.
276 AED
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Rejuvenate the ambiance of your living space with this exclusive modern BOSNÄS footstool. The extravagant cotton upholstery of this stunning piece of furniture feels delightfully soft and cozy, while the steel frame offers exquisite durability and strength. Used as both a footstool and extra seat, this lovely furniture item makes an impressive statement with its authoritative presence and provides luxurious comfort and style guests enjoy. This contemporary footstool comes with the removable cover that is easy to keep clean. Furthermore, you’ll find an extra storage under the seat to hold your small things. Assembly required. However, don’t worry, just follow the straightforward instructions to enhance the look of any room.
47 AED
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Venedik Sofa 3-Seater
The modern Mid East style Venedik sofa has an interesting and definitely shape. The combination of stream and straight lines is the main feature of this model. The sofa has enough room for three persons, making it the great solution for small loft or living room.Boasting the delicious duet of dark brown and light brown shades, the Venedik sofa will go perfectly with warm shades and light beige color, giving a warm and contemporary vibe to the room. Thick, soft and resilient filling makes sitting in this sofa incredibly enjoyable and relaxing. The Venedik sofa is very compact, allowing you to make the best of your available space.
2 360 AED
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Burc Coffee Corner Sofa
Spend your day off, resting on this amazing sofa! Spend an evening with your family and enjoy the comfort! Warm coffee color, convenient design, perfect both for loft and villa.
4 848 AED
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Cizgi Sofa 3-Seater
This one-of-a-kind white and green sofa has a contemporary, rectangular design. Padded tufted back with large buttons looks soft and comfortable, while the combination of white color and sea green color gives the Cizgi sofa a breezy, relaxing feel.Due to its unusual design, the sofa is the perfect, refreshing choice for apartments with modern and informal interior. It will bring a bright, energizing vibe to your apartment and at the same time provide you with the comfort you seek. The quality of the materials and reasonable price make extra advantage that turned this model into our bestseller.
1 683 AED
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Istanbul Sofa 3-Seater
Luxurious sofa with a curved, wavy frame and royal brown and gold upholstery makes an unforgettable impression. The abundance of details and classy Victorian style turn the Istanbul sofa into the main decoration of your room. If you aim to amaze your guests and seek comfort at the same time, this sofa will provide you with both. After lounging on the Istanbul sofa, surrounded by traditional elegance, your visitors will feel like they have been inviting to the royal castle!
1 724 AED
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Liona Sofa 3-Seater
White is a truly versatile color. It can be completely neutral, subtly accentuating the décor of your living room or, quite the opposite, it can be the brightest color in the room, instantly attracting attention. Everything depends on the setup and house owner’s choice of color scheme. Regardless of your preferences, the Liona sofa will be a reliable and elegant choice. Surrounded by the airy aura of cleanness due to its pure white color, this cabriole-style sofa is made of natural, high quality fabric and has steady, solid support. Its inviting softness will instantly hook you up and turn it into your favorite spot in the entire house!
2 815 AED
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Melbourne Sofa
This is a simple, modern Mid East style sofa with a simple and understandable purpose: to be offer you the best features possible. Its design is pleasing to the eye: straight lines give the sofa an attractive futuristic vibe, while the quality materials (from frame to filling) offer deluxe comfort and durability. This sofa won't clash with your interior, bringing a fresh note to it. It is perfect for any activity: lounging, reading, watching TV, playing games, hanging out with friends and family. With this sofa, you will add a blend of old school comfort and modern creativity to your home.
2 824 AED
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Fidel Sofa
Lightweight, compact in size and created to fit your every possible need, this sofa is an incredibly practical and stylish solution for your home. Warm red color is eye-striking, but not intrusive. Standing on sturdy wooden legs and supported by a solid frame, the sofa has pleasantly resilient cushioning due to top quality foam support and feathers filling. At the same time it has a perfect, healthy softness – reclining on this sofa is a pure bliss!
1 071 AED
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Sahara Sofa
With this stylish Mid East style sofa you are guaranteed ultimate relaxation and maximum comfort. Easily matching wide range of modern and contemporary interiors, the Sahara sofa features convenient design, neutral grey color, smooth fabric with pleasant texture and solid, durable frame. The sofa can easily accomodate up to 4 persons – a feature, useful for large families or house owners with roomates. Its a perfect sofa for parties or calmer, more recreational leisure like book reading or watching TV.
2 314 AED
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Vintage Josefin Sofa
Comfortable Vintage Josefin Sofa will make your home interior exclusive and bring extravagant aesthetics. Saturated purple color, soft shapes and non-standard design have made this model a favorite furniture item of those people who like spending time together and receiving a lot of guests.
1 488 AED
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Christina Sofa Set
A soft and cosy Christina Sofa set will add a delicate style and comfort to your living room. Simple, yet smart design will be a right solution for loft apartments and people who value durability and quality
3 358 AED
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Arena Brown Sofa Set
Arena Brown Sofa Set - оne of the best models from our collection. The set consists of two armchairs, two seater sofa, and three seater sofa. Made in Turkey. It will look elegantly in any modern interior!
4 548 AED
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Diamond Grey Sofa Set
Beautiful, stylish and expressive. Diamond Grey Sofa Set has its own character. This sophisticated sofa set will be definitely remembered by all your guests not only because it looks great, but also because of the comfort it provides! Made in Turkey.
3 549 AED
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Karpat Reclining Sofa Set
Karpat Reclining Sofa Set - soft and comfortable, spacious and functional, it will become your favorite place in the house. The set features an elegant beige fabric, adjustable headrests, and cushions for additional comfort. It consists of an armchair and a two seater sofa. Proudly made in Turkey.
3 988 AED
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Mercan Sofa Set
This masterpiece is a pledge of comfort and your good mood! Stylish designs and outstanding functionality are harmoniously balanced in this sophisticated set. It will become a favourite place for rest of your family and guests. It consists of two three seater sofas, two armchairs and a table.
8 880 AED
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Mira Sofa
Update the look of your room with this wonderfully green and vibrant Mira Sofa! This affordable fabric sofa allows you to feel the classic atmosphere of a stylish modern home. Due to the bright cotton upholstery, the Mira Sofa is one of the best-looking models. It combines quality, convenience, and usability.
1 786 AED
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Add cozy look to your stylish living room or bedroom with the Klippan pouffe. This stunningly designed piece of furniture features modern, streamlined form with a smooth black finish. Relax and enjoy time at home! It provides exclusive and durable comfort at the most affordable price. The Klippan pouffe has a removable and easy-to-clean cover that you can machine-wash (60°C) separately or dry-clean. Furthermore, you can get new covers to alternate with, so it's easy to complement both your living room décor and personal preferences. Use the Klippan pouffe for extra seating and relaxation. This furniture piece requires assembly. Light in weight.
157 AED
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Indulge your senses with this unique contemporary SÖDERHAMN footstool designed by Ola Wihlborg. The grey hardwearing microfiber upholstery and 97 percent polyester fill material provide a smooth springy feel, while the elastic webbing and cushions offer a soft and comfortable seat. With a durable beech veneer frame and solid construction, this stunning furniture piece easily withstands heavy daily wear. The strong steel legs and mild grey color options blend luxuriously to give you extra comfort and update the boring look of any room. You can combine the different sections of the seating in various combinations or use them separately. The removable cover is easy to clean as it can be machine washed. This piece of furniture requires assembly. The detailed instructions are attached.
531 AED
Review(s) 0
The luxurious POÄNG footstool brings ample seating to your room. Designed by Noboru Nakamura, this stunning piece of furniture features soft, hardwearing leather that is easy to keep clean. Extremely practical for families with children, this sophisticated footstool makes a dramatic statement with its stylish look and offers excellent seating solution that will complement any décor in your living room, bedroom, or master suite. The POÄNG footstool is distinguished by a dyed grain leather with warm calming color. Top-quality and long-lasted upholstery provides you with excellent durability at the affordable price. Light in weight, this stunning furniture item requires assembly.
170 AED
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Chief Brown Sofa
This sofa may look simple and yet it attracts gazes due to its pleasant dark chocolate brown color. The classic, compact design is also very pleasing to the eye, combining traditional elegance and promise of softness and comfort.The Chief Brown sofa is the perfect addition to the interior with a calm, organized design and soft, warm shades. It will be a great solution for home owners, who try to create the atmosphere of coziness and comfort of their nest. The Chief brown sofa will look spectacular in the apartment, private house or cottage, providing you with a roomy spot for your leisure and rest.
587 AED
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Ezgi Josefin Sofa
The Vintage Josefin lounge sofa is definitely a head-turner. With its curved, tufted backrest and elegant lines, this sofa looks as if it came straight from the pages of noir novel or burlesque movie. The comfort this sofa provides is also beyond all levels of imaginable. Feel yourself like a star lounging on this violet sofa with soft, pleasant upholstery!The Vintage Josefin lounge sofa will be a real jewel of your interior, giving it an air of luxury and elegance.The sofa is made of natural cotton, textile, sinay and polyester, assuring its quality and durability.
1 572 AED
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Ferrari Sofa 3-Seater
Don’t let the cold gray color of this sofa misguide you! It is incredibly soft, comfortable and compatible with many modern, creative interior solutions.The Ferrari sofa looks as luxurious as it sounds, however it is a lot more affordable! The comfort it offers is also deluxe: soft backrest and seats look like you can drown in them, while the streamlined shape of the sofa gives your private space a futuristic vibe. The Ferrari sofa is made of high quality fabric and is supported by a durable, solid frame.
2 213 AED
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Pety Sofa 2-Seater
Pety sofa is a cozy little Mid East modern-style sofa for two persons. It will not take up much space in your living room or bedroom, but will become a nice, bright and elegant addition to your interior. Straight lines and exquisite upholstery bring an air of elegance to your apartment. Due to its contemporary design, the Pety sofa is often chosen for lofts and studios. This pretty white sofa will become your spot of calm and relaxation in no time.
1 867 AED
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Pety Sofa 3-Seater
Not all sofas look alike. Each sofa was built for a specific purpose: watching films, resting, reading, gathering large amounts of guests, decorations. Due to it, the range of sofa designs is also incredibly wide. However, out of this variety, the Pety 3-Seater sofa is one of our bestsellers. The popular Mid East style, comfortable cushioning and impeccable balance of detail and subtlety charm the owners of apartments, studios and cottage houses. The versatility of this sofa allows you to adapt it to almost any interior without any effort. Depending on your choice, the Pety 3-seater sofa can become a cozy and comfortable addition to your room or its centerpiece.
2 351 AED
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Rome Sofa
The Rome sofa doesn't look like traditional sofa and this is its main feature. This sectional sofa has a bookcase attached to it. Such peculiar design makes it a perfect spot for reading. Add a coffee table or an ottoman of contrasting or matching color and you get your own nice little corner for cofee break, tea time or work with laptop.Needless to say, the design and neutral beige color of the Rome sofa, makes the range of interior planning choices truly limitless.
2 812 AED
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Bronx Purple Sofa
Saturated purple, smooth fabric and clean, sleek lines of this modern Mid East style sofa make it a centerpiece of any room! The impeccable quality and balance of style and color makes this sofa the embodiment of perfection. It will look superb in the apartment, studio, loft, cottage, with dark color schemes and with bright, vivid patterns. This sofa is not just a piece of living room furniture: it is a trendsetter of your house that will leave your guests in awe! ​
2 982 AED
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Chief Brown 3-Seater Sofa
The sturdy and reliable design of this sofa along with pleasant color create an air of comfort and stability we all need in our life. High-quality faux leather upholstery is smooth and pleasant to the touch. Imagine resting on this sofa after a long day at work!
656 AED
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Sofas and seats

Add more diversity to the living space of your home with our sofas and loveseats. A huge variety of styles along with comfort and sophisticated design will no doubt draw you in. No other online store can boast of such a wide selection of sofas and loveseats. Whether you fancy austerity of classic styles or wish to indulge your passion for modern concepts with their fanciful curves and acid colors, then our sofas and loveseats are what you are looking for as you will surely find something in line with your taste.


Sofas that make a difference

Sofa is an integral part of your living room furniture, as you like to snuggle down in it after a busy day in your office or relish the sweetest moments spent with your family. This is why, it is important to choose furniture that could not only ideally match your home interior and enhance the beauty of your sitting room, but also provide you with sufficient level of comfort and rest.

By purchasing top-quality sofas from our online store, you will enjoy the ultimate longevity that should last for generations and the comfort you deserve. A blend of high-end materials and exquisite craftsmanship of a manufacturer will guarantee the protection of cushions from wear and even longer life for your sofa. An incredible collection of fabric upholstery is available for you to choose from, so opt for the color and pattern that will pleasantly harmonize with the decor of your house or apartment. Capture the comfort of our soft-to-touch fabrics and comfy pillow-back cushions that create the impression you will never forget.


Make a warm inviting addition to your home with our loveseats

Cozying up in front of a fireplace or enjoying the view from your chalet will be easy with our loveseats, as they are available in various styles and match any décor, whether you place this piece of furniture in your bedroom or at the lodge of your cottage house. The fabrics come in an unlimited array of colors and patterns, so you can choose the appearance that best suits your needs. A huge variety of construction styles, from vintage casual to more contemporary-looking, offers a relaxing comfort perfect for any living area.


Why sofas and loveseats from Dubai Furniture Direct?

Our sofas and loveseats incorporate inspiring designs, cozy feel, and eye-catching features. Dubai Furniture Direct prides itself on providing high-quality furniture at competitive prices. We also appreciate all our customers, which is why delivering first-rate service is a top-priority for our team.